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Nest 58

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 12, 2016

Cindy and Becky protected another in situ nest. This one joins an earlier in situ nest high on the beach in front of one of the few houses that does not have a seawall. It’s a very special location that respects and honors the beach. Turtles appreciate that.

Nest 57

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 12, 2016

Momma Turtle gave Charlotte and Tim some work to do. They had to relocate her 107 eggs to a higher site to keep the water away. Good move!

Nest 56

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 12, 2016

Allison and Carol R took great care in protecting Nest 56 in situ.

Nest 55

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 12, 2016

nest-55-003nest-55-004Another wonderful in situ nest found and protected by Susie.

This Momma Turtle earned an A+ for site selection.

Nest 54

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 3, 2016

2016n54momma2016n54position2016n54mttm2016n54backtoocean1A rare treat! Momma Turtle was still on the beach at dawn, quietly finishing her nest as the sky began to brighten.

A small, respectful crowd of early risers enjoyed watching as she used her back flippers to pack sand over her eggs, then used her front flippers to fling sand around to conceal the treasure she had buried there.

Because Momma Turtle nested right on the high tide line, protection volunteers Bob, Teresa and Nancy did have to unbury the 101 eggs for a quick move to a location higher on the beach.

It was a wonderful treat for a small gathering of parents, kids, surfers and passersby to be able to see and share her visit.

May she stay safe and return soon!

Nest 53

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 2, 2016

2016n53t2016n53fini1Susie hit the track jackpot (again) with three crawls to investigate in her patrol area.

Betty and Marilynn were able to come to her assistance in evaluating one crawl that resulted in the confirmation of Nest 53.

While Susie checked out the other two crawls, Betty relocated the clutch of 140 eggs to a safer location away from the high tide line.

Great crew coordination, moral support and extra helping hands made a busy morning lots easier. Thank you, Susie, Betty, Marilynn, Ann and Lars!

Nest 52

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 2, 2016

Ann and Lars relocated a too-close-to-the-high-tide-line clutch of 80 eggs to protect it from the 4th of July King Tides. They were able to move it a higher site nearby. A well-protected start for Nest 52.

Nest 51

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jul 2, 2016

Allison J and Kathy McF confirmed the arrival of Nest 51. They were able to leave it in situ.

Nest 50

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jun 30, 2016

img_7488img_75071Sharon reported that Momma Turtle tried to create a nest three times during her crawl inland, finally settling for a soft spot next to a private walkover.

Sharon honored Momma’s choice and left the nest in situ.

We’re thankful to all the folks who will be using this walkover for taking great care of Nest #50.

Nest 49

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Jun 28, 2016

2016n49sunrise12016n49Gorgeous dawn and beautiful tracks to an ok-to-stay location in the curve of the sometimes helpful sand fencing.

Shanna was able to confirm and protect this clutch in situ.

The pace of nesting has slowed this week, but the normally busiest weeks are still ahead.

2016 traffic is currently about the same as 2015, and about 10 nests slower than our busiest season ever. Wonder if a new record will emerge …