Frontbeach Protection

Beach Management Plans

  • City of Folly Beach Management Plan, 1992

  • Edisto Beach, SC, 2012
  • Pawley’s Island, SC, 2011
  • Hampton Beach, VA
  • Beach Preservation (largely retreat planning)
    Second Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Conference on America’s Eroding Shoreline, Savannah, Georgia, June 1985
    “The document holds that preservation of our beaches for future generations must be the keystone of American Coastal Management. It concludes that in the long run, in a time of rising sea level, retreat or relocation of buildings will be required. A number of practical ways to manage and preserve beaches are presented. This document has found widespread use by American coastal managers.”

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    Training Opportunities

  • NOAA Coastal Services Center Training Center (See “Location” column for Charleston training)
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    Researchers / Authors

  • John Englander, High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis
  • Rob Young, Director, Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, Western Carolina University
  • Orrin H. Pilkey, Professor Emeritus of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
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    Folly Island & Erosion Issues

  • Sandspur, November 2013 (”Beach Renourishment Hits a Snag”)
  • Environmental Assessment Folly Beach Shore Protection Project and Use of Outer Continental Shelf Sand, August 2013
  • Renourishment is no Folly
    News article from Charleston Army Corps of Engineers, August 19, 2013
  • Corps of Engineers Receives Money for Folly Beach Project
    News article from Charleston Army Corps of Engineers, June 25, 2013
  • Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Folly Beach Shore Protection Project, January 2005
  • The Reconstruction of Folly Beach (1994)
    by Billy L. Edge, Millard Dowd, Robert G. Dean and Patrick Johnson
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Coast Engineering
    (from Texas Digital Library)
  • An Educator’s Guide to Folly Island
    created by Steven Vettese in conjunction with the COASTeam program, a marine science education program for teachers
    located at the Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math, in Charleston South Carolina. [Sound is ON.]
  • An Educator’s Guide to Folly Island: Erosion Data and Images
  • Beach law exposes Folly
    Article from the Sun News, September 5, 2011, posted in the Taxpayers for Common Sense Media Center
  • Folly Beach, South Carolina: An endangered barrier island
    from Geological Society of America Special Papers
  • The Front Lines of Climate Change: Charleston’s Struggle
    (January 9, 2014 from Climate Central; 3 of 4 photos in article are of Folly Beach)
  • Myrtle Beach Sun News article/letter to editor?, December 1, yyyy
    Re: groin construction, OCRM and SC coastal community Mayors
  • Geomorphology: Island Geomorphology
    from ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve and NOAA Coastal Services Center
  • Rethinking Living Shorelines
    from Coastal Care website
  • Save the Beaches
    Save the Beaches Foundation (STBF), non-profit focusing on environmental efforts to protect beaches on the south shore, Long Island, NY
  • Save taxpayers from more boondoggles
    Article from Wisconsin State Journal, October 24, 2013, posted in the Taxpayers for Common Sense Media Center
  • Is Rebuilding Storm-Struck Coastlines Worth the Cost?
    NPR, October 27, 2013
  • The Flood Next Time by Justin Gillis
    NY Times, January 14, 2014
  • Need to Know - Climate Change at the Doorstep - Norfolk, VA
    PBS / NYTimes video presentation, 2011 (approx 11 minutes)

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  • What is Mitigation?
    FEMA: Plan, Prepare, & Mitigate - Before, During & After a Disaster
  • FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program

  • FEMA Mitigation Fact Sheet

  • NOAA Office of OCRM: Shoreline Management: Relocation Assistance/Buy-Back
    “Case Studies” links also very interesting.
  • NPR: Key West Awash with Plans for Rising Sea Level
  • Galveston Awarded $20 Million Under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
  • NPR: Hurricane Sandy Recovery, One Year Later
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    Alternatives for Coastal Protection

  • “Alternatives for coastal protection” by Krystian Pilarczyk
    Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, No. 23, November 2008
  • Managed Retreat
    from Beachapedia

  • An Assessment of Shoreline Management Options Along the South Carolina Coast (August 2009)
    Report Submitted to: OCRM
    Prepared by: Strom Thurmond Institute of Government and Public Affairs, South Carolina Water Resources Center, Jim Self Center on the Future and College of Architecture, Art, and Humanities, Clemson University

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    Lucas vs SC Coastal Council

  • Voices of American Law, Duke University
    “When David Lucas discovered that he could not build on his beachfront lots, he challenged South Carolina’s limits on development along the beach.
    The legal case that followed, 505 U.S. 1003 (1992), pitted the state’s interest in preserving the shoreline against Lucas’s rights as a property owner and
    became a milestone in the law of takings.”
  • Wikipedia article on Lucas vs SC Coastal Council
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  • DHEC Proposed Permanent Regulations FY2014 July 26, 2013 through June 27, 2014
    Environmental Affairs
  • SC Code
    Title 48 - Environmental Protection and Conservation
  • Folly Beach Code of Ordinances$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:follybeach_sc

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    Legislators / Decision Makers

  • City of Folly Beach Mayor and City Council

  • City of Folly Beach Staff for Buildings, Facilities, Planning
    Aaron Pope and Eric Lutz

  • Peter M. McCoy, Jr., State Representative, House District 115

  • Paul Thurmond, State Senator, District 41
  • Mark Sanford, US Representative, SC District 1
  • Lindsey O. Graham, US Senator

  • Timothy E. “Tim” Scott, US Senator

  • Mark Lutz, DHEC Board Member for Congressional District 1