SEA TURTLES –South Carolina : Other Charleston Area Programs
Isle of Palms & Sullivans Island Includes The Journal of Nesting Activity for the current year and a link to Mary Alice Monroe’s beautiful Loggerhead Photo Journal.
Kiawah Island A comprehensive chronicle of Kiawah’s sea turtle protection program.
South Carolina Aquarium Partnering with SC/DNR, the SC Aquarium in Charleston provides vital support for turtle rescue, rehab and release programs.
SEA TURTLES –South Carolina : BEYOND Charleston Area
Cape Island Located at the northern end of Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge, Cape Island is the beach-of-choice for most sea turtles nesting in SC.
Cape’s website highlights their monitoring and protection projects with great photos, and offers an
opportunity to get involved by adopting a turtle nest!
Hunting Island State Park Located near Beaufort. Website includes numbers to call for information about free programs available to the public.
Pritchard’s Island Loggerhead Sea Turtle Conservation Project A 20+-year-old conservation, education, and research project conducted by USC Beaufort. Special fundraising events are available to the public.
Fripp Island Turtle Nest Protection Program Current and past years’ nest statistics and lots of beautiful photos.
SEA TURTLES –South Carolina : Department of Natural Resources
SC/DNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Diversity Section’s very impressive website is loaded with great
information about their research and management projects including the volunteer nest monitoring programs (like the Folly Beach Turtle Watch)
throughout South Carolina.Be sure to see the wonderful videos of sea turtles swimming, the great photos of the loggerhead release at area beaches, and maps that track the “satellite” turtles.For “turtle news” from all of the sea turtle monitoring communities along the SC coast, see Loggerheadlines in the Publications section.
South Carolina Satellite Telemetry Study Learn about Sally Murphy’s “study to determine dispersal patterns, migratory pathways and foraging habitat use of loggerhead sea turtles during the non-nesting period.” Where did 15 loggerhead “recruits” from 1998, 2002, and 2003 (5 each year) go after they left Cape Island? You can follow their fascinating journeys here.
SC/DNR In-water Surveys In 2000, a 4-year study of in-water sea turtle populations from Georgetown to St. Augustine began.
Follow-up articles recap first year results and photo highlights from a UGA student participant..
SEA TURTLES –BEYOND South Carolina : United States
Georgia & Carolinas Sea Turtle Links and News A collection of regional links maintained at (home of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project noted below).
Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Project Follow the journeys of the Jekyll Island girls by satellite telemetry. Watch this site also for announcement of annual Turtle Crawl competition in support of the Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center.
Topsail Turtle Project Home of the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, “The Wound Care Specialists” of Topsail Island, North Carolina
– a very important and impressive sea turtle sanctuary committed to the care and release of sick and injured sea turtles.
Network for Endangered Sea Turtles
Based in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the mission of N.E.S.T. is to “provide a watchful eye and when necessary a helping hand to keep these wonderful creatures from becoming extinct.” They work in
partnerships with the NC Aquarium projects, including satellite tracking.
Turtle Trails Turtle Trails! at the the North Carolina Aquarium highlights their efforts to support sea turtle conservation. Be sure to see their satellite tracking info!
Bald Head Island Conservancy Located on the outer banks of North Carolina.
Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research An enduring legacy of sea turtle study and conservation at the University of Florida. Home of CTURTLE, an international email information network (listserv) for sea turtle biology and conservation,
and a critically important research resource, the Sea Turtle Online Bibliography.
Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge How you can help to support a critical sea turtle nesting habitat on Florida’s east coast.
Caribbean Conservation (CCC) Sea Turtle Survival League Headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, the CCC continues Archie Carr’s research in Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
Neighbors Ensuring Sea Turtle Survival
An exciting partnership opportunity for residents of coastal Florida, and an excellent model for other communities.
Beaches Sea Turtle Patrol, Inc. Volunteer sea turtle program for Florida’s Atlantic, Neptune, and Jacksonville Beaches.
Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS) A Melbourne Beach, Florida, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about marine turtle biology and conservation.
Turtle Time, Inc. Great information, photos, and conservation know-how from Southwest Florida, including technical report on light pollution of nesting beaches.
Sea Turtles on The Bridge National Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center coordinated by the Virginia Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science site.
Serves as resource center of online K-12 ocean sciences education sites.
Help Endangered Animals - Ridley Turtles (HEART) Working to create the Kemp’s Ridley Marine Reserve in the Gulf of Mexico around Padre Island, Texas.
Turtle Trax A wonderfully rich site — basic information, fun stuff for kids (Kidz Corner), scientific studies,
amazing photographs and video clips of green turtles in underwater Hawaiian habitat; specializes in fibropapilloma information and images.Turtle Trax ContentsSee Summer of ‘99 at Honokowai
and Prologue to Summer 2002for great stories and amazing underwater photos.
Sea Turtle Restoration Project (STRP) Based in Maryland, this important organization advocates for saving sea turtles and their ocean habitat. Activists against near-shore shrimp nets, offshore drift and gill nets, and longline hooks used
in industrial fishing. Excellent reference source for sea turtle information including the Marine Turtle Newsletter (MTN). Be sure to see their LINKS!
Baja Sea Turtles Sea Turtle Conservation Network of the Californias (Mexico and US).Don’t miss the 5 species page.
Oil and Sea Turtles A valuable publication from NOAA that includes a basic overview of sea turtle biology, the effects of oil spills on the species, and possible responses to spill events.
SEA TURTLES –BEYOND South Carolina : International
25th International Sea Turtle Symposium Information and links to online registration for the 2005 International Sea Turtle Symposium to be held in Savannah, GA.
EuroTurtle A Mediterranean sea turtle Biology & Conservation web site for Science and Education based at the University of Exeter in UK,
a result of collaboration between the University, the Biology Department of King’s College, Taunton and MEDASSET
(The Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles). One of six environmental educational websites chosen as best in Europe.
MEDASSET The Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles
EU-Life Caretta Caretta Project A project based in Sicily for the conservation of marine turtle in the Pelagian Island that has developed new HERMES satellite tracking system.
Two loggerheads that are equipped with HERMES tags were released in October 2001.
French Frigate Shoals–25th Anniversary A celebration of sea turtle nesting at FFS, hosted by TurtleTrax.
Ecology Project International “Improves and inspires science education and conservation efforts worldwide through field based student-scientist partnerships.” Sponsors opportunities to learn by doing real-world conservation research for student and adult participants.
Proceedings of the Annual Symposia on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation. Scientific papers presented at annual meetings. Adobe Acrobat Reader required to read downloaded proceedings.
Rainforest & Reef “Non-profit organization specializing in outstanding and affordable Field Courses in Rainforest and Marine Ecology” in 10 countries.


The SC State Reptile Designated on June 1, 1988 by Act No. 588.
Loggerhead Sea Turtle from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) From the Office of Protected Resources, National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA) sea turtle site.
Online Bibliography of Caretta Caretta
Loggerheads in Japan
Worldwide Nesting Distribution of Loggerhead Sea Turtles Map and lots of sea turtle information from the CCC.
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Weeks, Sarah, illustrated by Suzanne Duranceau.   Follow the Moon. Harper Collins, 1995.

SEA TURTLES –IN THE NEWS(Sorry … mostly very old news at this point; too tough to keep current.You can find lots of sea turtle news via a Google search.)
Folly Turtles “News” Mostly articles from all over retrieved by Google News Alert Service, plus some local Folly news.
“Turtle Happenings” on Turtle Trax
News at Includes press releases, law & regulations announcements, general turtle news articles and a SEARCH ENGINE to help retrieve articles from their archives — great resource.
The Ocean Conservancy Formerly the Center for Marine Conservation, advocates for wild, healthy oceans. Emphasis on wilderness protection of U.S. water territory through the Ocean Wilderness Challenge, an effort to
preserve at least 5% of U.S. oceans as wilderness areas. One very important site was established in July 2001: the Tortugas Ecological Reserve and the adajacent Research Natural Area near the Dry Tortugas, Florida.
Consider subscribing to The Ocean Conservancy’s Action Network.
Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary Located off the Georgia coast near Savannah. A NOAA site on National Marine Sanctuaries also features Gray’s Reef
International Dark-Sky Association: IDA Although broad in scope, the IDA’s efforts include a critical issue in sea turtle nesting conservation — dark beaches. “IDA’s goal is to be effective — through education about (a) the value and effectiveness of quality nighttime lighting and (b) of the solutions to the problems — in stopping the adverse environmental impact of light pollution.”
South Carolina State Information Includes Forecasts & Watches, Warnings, Advisories
Current Weather Conditions (from NOAA) Myrtle Beach
Best choice for your new (official) South Carolina license plate
from Kritters in the Mailbox
from Caribbean Conservation Corporation Mock version of Florida’s TUR-TLE license plate


The City of Folly Beach Includes city departments, officials, council meeting minutes, ordinances, and links to local attractions.
FollyBeach.Com All you need to know about Folly Beach and more! Great source of local information provided by folks who love Folly.
The Follysurfcam For a daily look at Folly Beach and surf conditions.
Surfrider Foundation, Charleston Chapter Terrific public service and education oriented organization that benefits everyone who enjoys beaches — especially Folly.
Folly Beach County Park
Folly Beach Fishing Pier
Folly Island Beach Management LIDAR elevation Maps and history of renourishment
Help Save the Morris Island Lighthouse!