2011 Homecoming

May 14, 2011
400-block East Arctic

To welcome the 2011 nesting season, about 55 kids, parents, grandparents and friends joined the Crew for lots of fun on-the-beach event learning about the loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles that nest on Folly Beach.

The following photos were provided by Steph Wakeham who also made the wonderful loggerhead/leatherback centerpiece for the event. Thank you, Steph, and the many other talented and enthusiastic folks who made the event such fun for the kids. They’re great sea turtle ambassadors and protectors! Yea, Crew!!

dsc_1202 “Which one eats mostly jellyfish?” (Leatherback!)

“Sea turtles” ready to crawl to their nesting sites.

dsc_1247 Learning what the Crew does to protect sea turtle eggs.

“Hatchlings” getting ready to “boil” out of the nest and rush to the ocean.

(More photos on the way …)