King Tides reveal 2 “new” nests

by The Folly Turtles Crew on September 21st, 2016

Bad news and good news.

King Tides over the weekend have removed LOTS of sand from Folly’s far east beach, especially from The Washout to the Summer Place parking lot.

Disappearing sand revealed eggs at two previously unfound nests. Volunteers had reported “false crawls” at these two locations earlier in the season, but no eggs had been located.

Both clutches were moved to new sites to escape the still rising water and enable further development if possible.

The King Tides also flooded and partially uncovered a west side nest. Ann and Lars were able to rescue it just in time for 45 hatchlings to successfully crawl into the ocean. Another 8 emerged a few days later from their new drier site.

It’s been an eventful season to say the least! Only a few more nests to go … unless we have more surprises.

  1. Jennifer Sexton permalink

    We are visiting and have noticed a marked nest at 1619 E Ashley and are wondering when it is projected to hatch! It looks as if the sand has caved in a bit!!! I can send you a picture, if you like.

  2. That nest has hatched with about a 50% success rate. We had left the stakes in place to watch it for a little longer, but removed them yesterday in preparation for the hurricane.

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