Folly’s First

by The Folly Turtles Crew on May 19th, 2014




Folly’s First Nest of 2014 has arrived!

Momma Turtle passed up (or didn’t quite reach) Kiawah, and nested on the edge of a grassy area at Folly’s FAR WEST end, past the new groin and the big tide pool at the County Park.

Many thanks to Linda B and Lars for finding the tracks, confirming the nest, and moving 103 eggs to a safe place where they’ll develop into hatchlings.

The clutch was relocated to protect it from tidal flooding above and below ground.

Sea turtle nesting season has officially begun on Folly Beach!

  1. Bill Cole permalink

    I’m guessing the beach renourishment will impact female sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. How will they get past miles of pipe?

  2. During past renourishments, nests have been laid just seaward of the pipe (as if the pipe were a dune line), and one turtle actually crawled along the base of the pipe until she found the sand ramp, then crossed over the ramp and laid her nest a few yards landward of the pipe. They have easier access to the sandy strips along the inlets, both ends of the beach and to a couple of miles of pipe-free beach north/east of 8th Street East.

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