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Changes for 2017

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Feb 13, 2017

Happy new Turtle Season!

Just wanted to alert our regular viewers that, due to time, costs and some technical limitations,

You can follow the 2017 season and contact us on our
Facebook Page - Folly Beach Turtle Watch.

Thanks so much for your continued interest and support of Folly’s turtles!

Leaving the beach

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Oct 6, 2016

fullsizerenderAll of the hatchlings have “left the beach” in a seaward direction as we’re heading inland to avoid Hurricane Matthew.

To all our loggerhead mommas, hatchlings, visitors, residents and volunteers, thanks for a WONDERFUL season and BE SAFE out there!

King Tides reveal 2 “new” nests

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Sep 21, 2016

Bad news and good news.

King Tides over the weekend have removed LOTS of sand from Folly’s far east beach, especially from The Washout to the Summer Place parking lot.

Disappearing sand revealed eggs at two previously unfound nests. Volunteers had reported “false crawls” at these two locations earlier in the season, but no eggs had been located.

Both clutches were moved to new sites to escape the still rising water and enable further development if possible.

The King Tides also flooded and partially uncovered a west side nest. Ann and Lars were able to rescue it just in time for 45 hatchlings to successfully crawl into the ocean. Another 8 emerged a few days later from their new drier site.

It’s been an eventful season to say the least! Only a few more nests to go … unless we have more surprises.

Nest 86

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 30, 2016

Another “possible nest” has become a confirmed nest with the emergence of hatchlings! ┬áThis brings Folly’s total to 86 nests for the season. ┬áVery exciting to add one more!

Nest 85

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 17, 2016

2016n85tracks12016n85sandhatchling12016n85waterhatchling1What a wonderful surprise!

HATCHLING TRACKS on Lighthouse Inlet.

Teresa and Katherine were thrilled to see so many tracks leading from a previously unconfirmed “possible nest” to the edge of the water.

Still making tracks were two hatchlings on their way home. Their safe entry was monitored and enjoyed by Teresa and Katherine.

This unexpected hatching brings Folly’s nest total to 85.

Many thanks to Katherine for sharing her wonderful photos with us.

Nest 84

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 17, 2016

2016n84t2016n84finiTeresa and Deana found these beautiful tracks that led to what may be Folly’s last nest of the season.

The nest was laid very close to the high tide line, so it was relocated to the dune line to protect the eggs from the King Tides to come.

We’ve relocated fewer than usual nests this season and have paid the price in low hatch rates in nests that have been overwashed by high tides. Not taking a chance with this one.

Nest 83

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 5, 2016

It’s official! 2016 is Folly’s third highest nesting season ever.

Ann reported that the West Side Crew confirmed the arrival of Nest 83.

101 eggs were moved to a new site higher on the beach to protect them from tidal inundation. King Tides return in September while this nest is incubating.

Next nesting milestone would be to reach 99 nests to surpass the second highest season. Any bets we’ll make it? (Save your money.)

Nest 82

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 5, 2016

2016n82t2016n82nThis Momma Turtle worked around a private walkover as she selected her nest site, dug the chamber and deposited her eggs.

As shown in Becky’s photo, the turtle crawled under the walkover and returned to the ocean from the other side. How she did all that without bumping the posts and stairs and turning back, we’ll never know.

Becky was able to protect Nest 82 in situ.

This brings the season’s total even with our third highest season ever. One more and 2016 will replace 2011 as Folly’s third highest nesting season!

Nest 81

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 5, 2016

2016n81After inventorying a hatched nest, Cindy found new Momma tracks at the very end of her long patrol.

Kelly and Teresa helped with finding the clutch next to the stairs of a private walkover.

There have been several of these placements this season. We’re interested to see if the same turtle may be involved, or whether it’s just a general turtle reaction to a very narrow beach with the best sand found near walkover stairs. Their choices are so interesting.

Thanks to great Crew teamwork in protecting this nest!

Nest 80

by The Folly Turtles Crew on Aug 5, 2016

Lisa, Charlotte and Tim had the rare pleasure of seeing a Momma Turtle finishing her nest and returning to the ocean at dawn. Doesn’t get much more awesome than that!

They were able to protect her nest in situ and smile all day!